Men’s Guide to Better Sex – Tips from women

A lot of men may be skilful in bed, but what they don’t know is how they’re reviewed by their sexual counterparts. Of course every guy loves to think they’re awesome in bed but a lot of the times, they start off trying to pleasure the woman and forget about it in the process, ending up doing it for themselves. You may be confident about your performance in bed but there’s always ways to up your game and have better sex that’s pleasurable for both yourself and your partner.

men's guide to better sex

Top 10 Tips for Better Sex

1. Foreplay

You can never go wrong by having foreplay. In fact, most women love it! And it can come in different forms; kissing the lips, neck or any part of her body, full on making out, touching, teasing, dirty talk, you name it. Just putting in a little effort on foreplay will make it easier for her to get wet and both of you can have better sex.

2. Cunnilingus

Some guys like doing it, some don’t. It’s understandable. But if you want a blow job, you’ll have to reciprocate. And besides, going down on her and making her squirm makes the whole experience more erotic anyway. Use your tongue to lick her clit slowly with just the right amount of pressure. Make your way to the inside of her vagina. You’re not doing it right unless you’re making her squirm and her body jerks. The better you get at it, the more exciting it gets. It turns her on and it’ll turn you on.

3. Clitoral stimulation

Never underestimate her clitoris. It is very important during sex. A lot of women reach orgasm just by working on the clit. So don’t forget about it. Rub gently and then put a little more pressure on it. You can vary your speed when you’re doing this as well. Listen to her moans and her body language, how she’s responding to you. If you can master her clitoris, she’ll want you all the time.

4. Magic fingers

Using your fingers to arouse her is part of foreplay of course. But a lot of guys tend to overdo it. They tend to do it hard and fast because they think it’s pleasurable. But they’re your fingers, not your penis. It’s better to use your fingers to explore her sweet spots so you’ll find out what makes her tick. Use one finger first to explore her clitoris and then her vagina, and you can insert another finger as she gets wetter and more aroused. It’s not about how many fingers you can get inside her, it’s how you use them!

5. Use your words

Some guys only talk during the date or during the courting period and once they reach the bedroom, they don’t really say anything anymore. But the truth is, to keep the fire alive during sex, it’s recommended to pleasure her with your words as well. Tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy she is, tell her you want her so badly it aches. The more she feels and knows that she’s wanted, the more pleasurable it is. And let her know if she’s pleasing you with her moves too, it makes for better sex all the time.

6. Don’t just focus on orgasm

Of course, once you’re in the sack, you both want an orgasm at the end. But it shouldn’t be the main focus of sex. The journey is just as important as the destination. So don’t rush it, let it happen naturally. Take your time to enjoy each other’s pleasure spots and climactic moments. It’s definitely more satisfying to experience pleasure all the way to the end.

7. You’re not a jack rabbit

Just pounding on her doesn’t make her come. It might make you orgasm if you’re in a rush but it’s not pleasurable for her, nor is it for you. Having sex is supposed to be a satisfying experience. So unless it’s a mutual quickie, you need to vary your speeds throughout the sex. Slow and steady wins the race, even in sex. Not that you should only be slow. So mix it up. Change your speed so you both have better sex.

8. The whole body as the playground

When you’re having sex, you’re main focus will always be her vagina and then her breasts. Occasionally you might kiss her neck in the process. But beware, it’s not always good if you overstimulate only one spot and forget the rest. Shift your focus around. Her neck, her breasts, her nipples, her thighs, her navel, her entire body. And you don’t just have to use your tongue and mouth. Use your hands. Touch her in ways she’s never been touched before. Women feel sexy when her man touches her with his strong hands. The more you turn her on, the wetter she gets and the better the sex.

9. Rough but not too rough

Some like it rough, for sure. It’s not a bad move either. Sex needs to be exciting and a little rough sex from time to time will definitely make sex better. Slap her butt. Pull her hair a little. But not too rough though. Unless you’re both into BDSM (that’s a whole other ballgame). You don’t want to end up in the emergency room from any sex injuries like the TV Show Sex Sent Me to the ER. And at the end, snuggle and cuddle her to make up for the roughness.

10. G-Spot

In other words, the Holy Grail. Most men can’t find it. A lot of men have no idea where it is. It’s said that a woman’s G-Spot is located just a couple inches up the front wall of the vagina between the vaginal opening and the urethra. In laymen terms, you can probably find it when you insert your finger into her vagina and then curl your finger up to the front of her vagina. The G-Spot is known to lead to a woman’s powerful orgasms and female ejaculation. So of course, all guys want to do that just for the sheer pleasure of seeing it happen. As much as it turns both of you on, it shouldn’t always be the main focus either. The fact is, a lot of men and women still haven’t found it but yet they’re still having good sex. So if you can find it, congratulations! You’ll get more brownie points in the bedroom.

You can have better sex if you follow either one or more of these tips. And it’s not just beneficial for her. The more she gets excited, the more you will be too.