sex trafficking in Asian brothel industry

Sex Trafficking: An Australian Asian Brothel Problem?

Sex Trafficking

Australian authorities have been slow to police the murky world of sex trafficking within local Asian brothels. Hampered by language difficulties and victims who are naturally suspicious of police and immigration authorities, a flourishing sex slave industry has existed under their very noses. Investigations, by both Fairfax and News Corp journalists, have revealed harrowing tales of exploited young women trapped in appalling circumstances. Girls brought out to Australia, from countries like Korea and Thailand, under false pretences; and then being forced to have sex with, literally, hundreds of men to pay off debts. Debts which are often inflated and the subject of impossibly high interest rates; and so condemn these young women to sexual servitude for years.

About Sex Traffic in Australia

In Australia, we are lucky to live in a society, which prides itself on individual privacy and non-intrusive levels of government, but it is this very laissez faire attitude by our police force which contributes to the shameful existence of sex trafficking in this country. More recently, there have been a handful of successful prosecutions against owners of Asian brothels, here in Australia; and resultant custodial sentences. It is suspected, that these actions are hardly scratching the surface of an endemic problem within the sex industry, when it comes to Asian brothels and the girls who work out of them.

There is a great deal of exploitation carried out by established migrants against vulnerable and recently arrived immigrants and visitors from the same country of origin. It happens in the hospitality industry, in restaurants and clubs, and it is rife in the sex industry too. Child brides are another problem plaguing multicultural communities here in Australia; and this is really sex trafficking as well. The buying and selling of underage children to become the marriage partners of established migrants in this country.

In 2014 the Australian Federal Police reported the doubling of investigations into human trafficking, now up to sixty cases. Victorian police are investigating whether a number of karaoke bars in Melbourne are actually illegal brothels run by means of sex trafficking. It poses the question to be asked, next time that you are utilising the services of an Asian brothel. As to whether the young woman who is opening herself to your sexual advances, is there of her own free will and of her own volition. Maybe you can ask her that very question. And then you can modify your behaviour as a consumer on that basis.