Soaplands in Japan

Soaplands in Japan

The word Soapland is derived of two English words: soap and land. It is part of the night time adult entertainment industry, also known as the ‘Red Light District’ according to a few sources.

There are many different variations of a soapland it seems and many times they are actually located in places or complexes that have a number of soaplands.

A few of the more well-known ones are located in Yoshiwara, Susukino, and Kabukicho, but there are several in other areas as well.

The majority of clients for Soaplands are men, there are also Soaplands for women.The easiest way to explain it is that they are “special brothels” that have been developed for clients.

These brothels were created because sex for money in Japan is strictly illegal and prohibited.

The Soaplands began in 1958 when prostitution became illegal at the time.

It is Expensive?

Soaplands are a much more expensive alternative in the sex industry, due to the majority, if not all of the workers, are known to have more skills and be better looking than many in the industry, which is why the price tag is so high.

sexy japanese girl - soapland

How it works

To give you an idea of what exactly goes on in the establishment, customers go there and pay to have their ‘assisted bath’, including the services of a prostitute.

A customer will pick their bathing partner or companion from a variety of half-naked girls/women.

Once chosen the girl will lead their customer to their bath. An often seen service is that the chosen girl will lather up the customer with their own body.

What the customer actually pays for initially is the bath, but with any other service that the companion renders, she will get paid directly for it as a service fee.

As with any job, the establishment will take some of the girl’s service fees for payments for expenses.

Expenses include towels, soap, or lotions that are provided to the customer. This way, the establishment can stay off the authorities’ radar. Showing that they don’t actually employ the girls that provide the services.

What else happens behind the doors of a Soapland is a product of anyone’s imagination. But remember that sex for money of any kind is illegal in Japan.

Whether it happens or not I cannot say as I have no idea what really goes on there, everything.

I’ve informed you about is strictly research that I’ve done for you to entertain your brain with.