Vaginal Ping Pong

Vaginal Ping Pong

Vaginal ping pong requires no paddles or nets, just a mostly naked female performer and a bunch of ping pong balls that she can literally shoot out of her vagina. Yep, that’s right! Apparently, this is a popular sex show in strip clubs throughout Thailand. Specifically in Bangkok and in a region named Patpong. I researched but could not find mention of it in Australia. Guess we haven’t reached our full potential yet, unless of course it is ‘underground’.

A Question About Talent

These talented ladies that shoot ping pong balls out of their naughty bits are quite popular in the aforementioned place. From what I understand, when visiting the locale, people will walk up to you on the street and ask if you’d like to see a show. They even have brochures to show you what the show is all about. A quick fun fact I should mention. It is not limited to just ping pong balls, nope. They shoot other objects such as eggs, ribbons, bananas, whistles, horns. I won’t even tell you about the frogs, fish, and (wince) razor blades!

While I won’t bore you with the politics and human rights activists that are trying to put a stop to these shows, I just wanted to share with you this information so that if you’re sitting there thinking that your fetish is strange or that sexually performing on cam is crazy, take a walk on the wild side of Thailand and you’ll have a whole different perspective. Suddenly that foot fetish or panty fetish you have will seem normal.

Believe it or not this is NOT a new obsession or activity. The popularity of this activity actually dates back to the early 1980’s in Thailand and before that in Laos. One thing to watch out for should you ever find yourself being invited to watch one of these live ping pong sex shows is that if the venue doesn’t charge a cover fee, the prices for drinks would be high, or they will just charge a cover fee. The girls will also walk around after their shows looking for tips, and many of the bars that the shows are performed in make it a priority that you purchase drinks or you cannot watch the show. If you do stay for a show, be prepared that it may not only be ping pong balls you’ll see shooting out of vaginas. Enjoy!