Sydney Asian Escorts

Why Asian Escorts are Popular in Adult Industry?

  Asian Escorts Do you ever wonder why Asian escorts are popular in the adult industry? More and more people are now hiring escorts whenever they need company or a date to certain occasions or when they go on vacation….


Vaginal Ping Pong

Vaginal Ping Pong Vaginal ping pong requires no paddles or nets, just a mostly naked female performer and a bunch of ping pong balls that she can literally shoot out of her vagina. Yep, that’s right! Apparently, this is a…

Gaijin-Friendly Soapland

The Gaijin-Friendly Soapland You Must Visit

What is a Soapland? One of the best things about the Land of the Rising Sun is the myriad of activities you can do. When visiting the country, it is best to get a taste of the sex industry. They…


Can All the Positions In Kama Sutra Be Done

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text authored by Vātsyāyana and published in the 3rd Century. To correct the misconceptions, the book is not all about sexual positions. In fact, you can view it as the ultimate advice book…


Hiring an Escort for Sex or Company?

Escorts are often seen as being good for only one thing: to fulfill any sexual urges that someone might have. There are a lot of people who might say that escorts in general offer far more than just sexual services…

benefits of erotic massages

The Benefits of Erotic Massages

Most people like massages for a whole host of reasons: they are beneficial to your physical health, they are relaxing and they can make you feel like a king. There are also lots of different types of massage out there…


Sexy Comets

NOTE: This article is focused on singles and those who live in polyamorous relationships. This doesn’t mean that it’s completely irrelevant to those who are monogamous! The term “comet” could be considered a term that has more to do with…


An Exploration of Role Play

Sexual role play is one of those things that you will often see on television. In many cases, those who do role play will act out certain professions. The typical form involves service provider and customer. This could be a…


How to Do Cuckolding Properly

Cuckolding is a practice that you may have seen in porn. It is essentially when a man is forced to watch his wife have sex with another man. Of course, there are many different variations of this. Sometimes, it is…


Keeping a Sex Diary

A sex diary is an often-overlooked technique that can actually aid and benefit many people when it comes to having good sex. A detailed sex diary will also let you have a more objective look at your sexual experiences over…