The Gaijin-Friendly Soapland You Must Visit

Gaijin-Friendly Soapland

What is a Soapland?

One of the best things about the Land of the Rising Sun is the myriad of activities you can do. When visiting the country, it is best to get a taste of the sex industry. They can be a wonderful venue to experience something different. Let’s talk about Soapland.

Japan has improved so much of what we know in the Western world. The sex industry is called “fuzoku” and is known by many different names including Image Health, Pink Salon, Fashion Health, and Soaplands among others. Depending on the services offered and the prices that come with it. Going to a foreigner-friendly “fuzoku” can be one of the best experience.

What to Expect When Visiting a Soapland

 Japan has one of the most exciting sex industries. They have a wide variety of services for visitors who would like to have a taste of Japanese action. The Soaplands has some of the hottest women around because money can be extremely huge.

Although there are many of these brothel-like establishments around the country. Some of these shops have signs that say. “No Foreigners Allowed” or “Japanese Only” hanging outside the door or their windows. Yoshiwara in downtown Tokyo though abounds with Soaplands. Welcoming foreigners who want to get a true Japanese sexual experience.

When visiting one of these establishments, the first thing you should expect is. You’ll be paying for having a lady give you a bath. The services also include a sensual massage where you lay down on an inflatable bed and the lady massages you with a Nuru gel.

You can opt to have extra services if you want to have a satisfying experience, but you will have to pay the attendant directly. Soaplands slip off Japanese prostitution laws because you only pay for the bath, but the extra services are between you and the attending lady alone.

For a foreigner visiting a soapland, prices can be extremely high. It is known for a fact that for an hour and thirty minutes of sexual fantasy, the price can be as high as $400 or even higher in some places. This is also one of the reasons why most foreigners would rather go to a massage parlor offering sexual favors or what is known as the fashion health industry, but soaps offer one of the best sexual experience if you want to experience a real Japanese hospitality.

Kings Club, A Place of Beautiful Women and Luxury Treatment

While most soapland establishments limit their audience to the locals, Kings Club in Taito-Ku is one soapland every foreigner awe to visit. The place abounds with extremely exquisite Japanese women who are out to please every guest.

Kings Club has several campaigns for every visitor including a lineup of premium girls, morning campaigns, and new face ladies. The establishment also has a dedicated website where you can catch the time slots of every attendant so you can plan your visit to coincide with the woman you like.

Not only is Kings Club known for the gorgeous ladies, but they also have one of the most competitively priced services around the area. Offering over $300 for a maximum pleasure of 130 minutes, you can surely have a great time with experienced their soapland ladies.