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Sydney Asian Escorts

Why Asian Escorts are Popular in Adult Industry?

  Asian Escorts Do you ever wonder why Asian escorts are popular in the adult industry? More and more people are now hiring escorts whenever they need company or a date to certain occasions or when they go on vacation….

fantasy club 35

Fantasy Club 35

  Fantasy Club 35 Fantasy Club 35 is one of Sydney’s hottest new Asian brothels where all your fantasies can be fulfilled. Their tailored services could cater to a variety of fetishes and kinks that you may desire. All their…


Vaginal Ping Pong

Vaginal Ping Pong Vaginal ping pong requires no paddles or nets, just a mostly naked female performer and a bunch of ping pong balls that she can literally shoot out of her vagina. Yep, that’s right! Apparently, this is a…

Gaijin-Friendly Soapland

The Gaijin-Friendly Soapland You Must Visit

What is a Soapland? One of the best things about the Land of the Rising Sun is the myriad of activities you can do. When visiting the country, it is best to get a taste of the sex industry. They…


Can All the Positions In Kama Sutra Be Done

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text authored by Vātsyāyana and published in the 3rd Century. To correct the misconceptions, the book is not all about sexual positions. In fact, you can view it as the ultimate advice book…


Maison D’Amour

  Maison D’Amour Maison D’Amour  is located in the South East suburbs of Clayton (20 mins from the CBD), Maison D’Amour has a selection of Australian, Asian, African, Indian ladies & more. Offering an exclusive experience for men who feel…


Not Every Asian Woman is a Green Tea Bitch

There are so many stereotypes of Asian women and one of them is “Green Tea Bitch”. Where did “Green Tea Bitch” start? The term was popularized by Chinese netizens when a whole bunch of female models and actresses were revealed…

men's guide to better sex

Men’s Guide to Better Sex – Tips from women

A lot of men may be skilful in bed, but what they don’t know is how they’re reviewed by their sexual counterparts. Of course every guy loves to think they’re awesome in bed but a lot of the times, they…

asian escorts attraction

Appeal of Asian Escorts in the Adult Industry

Asian Sex Appeal There’s no denying that Asians have a strong sex appeal, and there are many men out there who prefer Asians over anyone else. A quick glance at any popular adult entertainment or escort website, will usually give…

japanese brothels escorts best asian brothels

Japanese Brothels

Japanese Brothel Looking for Japanese brothels in Australia? Trying to find Japanese brothels or a brothel that only holds just Japanese escorts is really hard to find but there’s a few brothels that have the majority of their escorts who…