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soaplands in japan

Soaplands in Japan

Soaplands in Japan The word Soapland is derived of two English words: soap and land. It is part of the night time adult entertainment industry, also known as the ‘Red Light District’ according to a few sources. There are many…

high roller suites

Maid in Macau

Macau is often described as the Las Vegas of the East, a Macau special administrative region and veritable mecca of all things gambling and glitz with a stunning backdrop of colonial Portuguese architecture and street life. Ancient Chinese temples interspersed…

Seoul underground sex scene

In search of a Seoul mate

South Korea best known for the peninsula it shares with the noisy Northern neighbor and world famous for beautiful landscapes, spicy street food and 5000 years of rich culture and history, has a capital city with a metropolitan population of…

robot sex

Robot Sex – Having Sex With Fembots

The social practices that have become stock standard in the past few decades were once upon a time unheard of. Sex with robots will apparently be the norm in the next 50 years. An expert in the psychology of sex and relationships….

men's guide to better sex

Men’s Guide to Better Sex – Tips from women

A lot of men may be skilful in bed, but what they don’t know is how they’re reviewed by their sexual counterparts. Of course every guy loves to think they’re awesome in bed but a lot of the times, they…

asian escorts attraction

Appeal of Asian Escorts in the Adult Industry

Asian Sex Appeal There’s no denying that Asians have a strong sex appeal, and there are many men out there who prefer Asians over anyone else. A quick glance at any popular adult entertainment or escort website, will usually give…