Can All the Positions In Kama Sutra Be Done


The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text authored by Vātsyāyana and published in the 3rd Century. To correct the misconceptions, the book is not all about sexual positions. In fact, you can view it as the ultimate advice book on love and relationships contained in its 36 chapters. The main gist of the book is that the couple should know their bodies first in order to give the ultimate pleasure to their partners. Both men and women should also not be afraid to experiment to achieve the same aim.

 How Many Positions are there in the Kama Sutra?

The texts vary in terms of the total positions of the Kama Sutra. The basic positions appear to be around 64 but the variations of those fundamental sexual positions balloon the possibilities to more than 400. The author posited that there were eight ways of intercourse then you multiply these by eight other positions, which gives us 64.

But to aim for the variations would be impossible so we focus our attention on the basic poses. That’s doable, right?

Impossible, Unless…

There’s probably a reason why Vātsyāyana called the basic positions as the 64 arts because the fact is, some of them are not advisable for the average couple out there. You can probably do that if your girlfriend or wife is a contortionist and your limbs are very limber.

The National University of Mumbai has made a study where it solicited the help of seven couples to try out the Kama Sutra poses. The best ones were able to do only 40 sexual positions and these are the couples who are either very agile and at the peak physical level of their lives.

We’re going to give you two examples, which are seemingly impossible to do.

The Bridge and the Helicopter

First is the bridge.

This one requires the guy to arch his back with both hands stretched toward the floor and the feet flat. The partner will then straddle him and ride his penis. If you are not going to the hospital afterward because of the broken spine then congratulations to you!

The second one is the helicopter or the propeller.

You might have seen this move before in porn, or maybe you’ve tried it yourself. The woman rides the man then shift to the reverse cowboy position. For the more limber woman, she can split her legs while alternating between traditional riding and the reverse cowboy.

Now, imagine that the guy is on top. Starting with the missionary position, the guy then turns to the right or left until the couple is totally upside down against each other. The man now is facing the feet and vice versa. Afterwards, he turns again back to the missionary position. You have to do this while your dick is still inside the woman’s pussy. You have to have an extra long penis that can rotate 360 degrees in order to do this.

As you can see, some of the positions in the Kama Sutra are near impossible. More and more scholars believed that the sexual poses involving couples haven’t been tried by Vātsyāyana and were only a product of his fertile imagination.