peaches and cream

Peaches & Cream in Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong, a small maze of streets in Hong Kong, Central consisting of more than ninety bars and restaurants home to hundreds upon thousands of glamorous sexy things. Hong Kong locals and Western foreigners bound by the shared desire…

dirty talk

How to Dirty Talk

How to Dirty Talk Without Feeling Like an Idiot No matter how strong your relationship is with your partner, your approach to dirty talk in the bedroom can still cause discomfort. I think it’s fair to say that most of us have had…

neko nation

Neko Nation Returns to Sydney this November

Neko Nation, the Ultimate Nightclubbing Experience for Anime Fans All Across Australia! Neko Nation, Australia’s favourite anime-inspired club night returns to Sydney this November. Cosplay enthusiasts and cat lovers alike, as well as those with an interest in Japanese culture…

porn and erotica

The Difference Between Porn and Erotica

Porn and Erotica, What are the Differences? What exactly is the difference between porn and erotica you ask? Well, we all know that accessing porn is incredibly easy these days; we’re never more than a few key strokes and a…

train sex in japan

Train Sex in Japan

‘Train Sex In Japan’ Does Not Simply Mean Sex On A Japanese Train Regular commuters know how tedious a long train ride can be and considering Japan’s reputation for packed rush hour trains? Think sardines in a tin except in…

anal sex

How to Enjoy Anal Sex

Now let’s talk sex – anal sex to be exact. Before you continue reading, I’d like to warn you that the following content may be a little, how shall I put this.. ‘different and deep’ as half of you will…

japanese love hotel

The Love Hotel: Japan Knows What Lovers Need

Made in Japan A Japanese Love Hotel is, put simply, a type of accommodation that rent you a double room for a short period of time. Kind of the Japanese equivalent of the rent-by-the-hour dive hotels you see in movies, but…

taoist erotic massage

From Taoist Erotic Massage to Happy Endings

What is Taoist Massage? We’ve all heard of the massage parlours that offer happy endings, right? The old rub ‘n’ tug is a concept often referenced in popular culture. It’s important to note that these establishments are not the same…

nightlife in japan

Finding Nightlife in Japan

When you’re a stranger in a foreign land, it can be hard to find the local party spots, especially if there’s a language barrier involved. Visitors in Japan who can’t read Kanji – and let’s face it, that’s the majority…

robot sex

Robot Sex – Having Sex With Fembots

The social practices that have become stock standard in the past few decades were once upon a time unheard of. Sex with robots will apparently be the norm in the next 50 years. An expert in the psychology of sex and relationships….