The Benefits of Erotic Massages


Most people like massages for a whole host of reasons: they are beneficial to your physical health, they are relaxing and they can make you feel like a king. There are also lots of different types of massage out there and you can have a look at the various massage parlors to see what sort of treatments they offer.

However, there is also the typical “erotic” type of massage which may or may not be offered at erotic massage parlors and brothels. But what makes a massage an erotic massage? Essentially, it can be any kind of massage that involves erotic elements. However, it is important to note that these types of massage do not focus solely on the genitals. In fact, an erotic massage doesn’t have to involve touching the genitals at all.

Erotic massage focuses on erotic movements and sensuality. It is about coming into contact with your partner and giving them a certain level of sensory pleasure. The goal of this practice isn’t orgasm, either: it’s all about physical sensuality and enjoying the very moment itself.

So, with that being said, what are the benefits of an erotic massage?

Heightened Sensuality

As in your senses will be heightened to new levels. This certainly has something to do with the kind of setting you’re in. If you burn a few types of essential oil (specifically scents that are pleasing to the both of you), light a couple of candles to add a visual atmosphere and maybe put on some soft music then you are already halfway there.

There is also an emotional element to it since you are doing this with your lover. The sensual benefit is good not just for the person receiving the massage, but also for the person giving it. Ultimately, however, the physical sensations can cause a feeling of relaxation.

Increasing Closeness

Aside from the physical, sensual stimulation that you receive during any kind of massage, you will also gain a deeper level of closeness with your partner. This is particularly true when you consider the erotic elements of the massage: you can communicate clearly which parts you want to be touched, what kind of sensations you are looking for.

Increasing your closeness on this level can also provide you with a better flow of communication which will benefit you as a couple. Doing it regularly will also help to increase and strengthen this bond.

Erotic massages are not just about the sexual sensations, but the sensual, emotional and mental ones as well. There is so much involved and there is so much that you can do together. In addition to the closeness, you’ll also feel a lot more relaxed.  Which naturally means that you’ll be in a better mood and generally experience better physical health!