pink salon japan

What you get at a Pink Salon in Japan

What is a Pink Salon A Pink Salon might sound like a cool place to get your hair done, but this is a Japanese concept, so of course it’s not that innocent. Colloquially, they’re known as blowjob bars, and that’s…

unhappy endings

Unhappy Endings: An Anti-climactic Finish

Unhappy Endings Introduction These days you’re hard pressed to walk down a strip of shops without passing at least a couple of doors with an ‘entrance at rear’ sign, or a classy neon light that says ‘open’. These places are…

asian girls multi orgasmic

Are Asian Girls More Multi-Orgasmic Than Other Races?

Asian Girls The culture of orgasms what exactly is it? Are different ethnocentric cultures more attuned to multi-orgasmic activity than others? In my own experience, limited as it may be, I have traversed the fleshy contours of a number of…

what asian girls do better

What Do Asian Girls Do Better Than The Rest?

What Do Asian Girls Do Better Than The Rest? When answering this question we tested over six hundred Asian girls from all over the continent. In the north we mauled a few Mongolians in a yurt and enjoyed the slippery…


Kuala Lumpur: Sex Capital of Asia

Kuala Lumpur: Sex Capital of Asia Key in the phrase “sex capital of Asia” in Google and you will see Thailand in the first page of its search results. Thailand particularly Pattaya has a bad reputation about its sex industry….

sex trafficking in Asian brothel industry

Sex Trafficking: An Australian Asian Brothel Problem?

Sex Trafficking Australian authorities have been slow to police the murky world of sex trafficking within local Asian brothels. Hampered by language difficulties and victims who are naturally suspicious of police and immigration authorities, a flourishing sex slave industry has…

men's guide to better sex

Men’s Guide to Better Sex – Tips from women

A lot of men may be skilful in bed, but what they don’t know is how they’re reviewed by their sexual counterparts. Of course every guy loves to think they’re awesome in bed but a lot of the times, they…

japan penis festival

Japan’s Penis Festival

Japan’s Penis Festival Every spring, on the first Sunday of April, people go to Kawasaki, Japan, to celebrate the Kanamara Matsuri or the Festival of the Steel Phallus. Also known as Japan’s Penis Festival, this event is the celebration and…

asian escorts attraction

Appeal of Asian Escorts in the Adult Industry

Asian Sex Appeal There’s no denying that Asians have a strong sex appeal, and there are many men out there who prefer Asians over anyone else. A quick glance at any popular adult entertainment or escort website, will usually give…

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Japanese Brothels

Japanese Brothel Looking for Japanese brothels in Australia? Trying to find Japanese brothels or a brothel that only holds just Japanese escorts is really hard to find but there’s a few brothels that have the majority of their escorts who…