How to Do Cuckolding Properly


Cuckolding is a practice that you may have seen in porn. It is essentially when a man is forced to watch his wife have sex with another man. Of course, there are many different variations of this. Sometimes, it is a woman that is made to watch her man have sex with another man (or woman). The genders and “victims” of this practice can vary. It does come from a much older, sexist practice whereby a man was considered a “cuckold” if his wife freely slept with other men. However, these days it is considered a fetish and is a consensual sexual practice.

Cuckolding: Where to Start?

There is no doubt that when you have a specific sexual need, desire or fetish you’ll probably feel a little embarrassed. You might ask yourself: is this too weird? Well, if you are in a relationship the best thing to do is talk about things. For those who tend to be sexually experimental anyway, cuckolding can offer a unique way of exploring your naughty side with your partner (and someone else!).

Cuckolding versus Swingers: What’s the Difference?

Swinging is a practice whereby couples consensually sleep with other people. Cuckolding, on the other hand, usually only involves an extra “partner” who is essentially “stealing” the property of another man (or women). In this sense, swinging and cuckolding are indeed very different practices and should be treated as such.

Cuckolding: How to Do

To be quite frank, there isn’t really much to cuckolding except that you watch your partner have sex with someone else. So yes, it is quite voyeuristic. In a lot of cases, you can combine various types of role play into the game. The third addition to your little escapade could come in and pretend to be a handyman or a burglar. The limit here is your imagination.

There are a lot of different situations that you can emulate as well, especially when it comes to sexy role play. You may want to try out a different type of role play first, such as “doctor and nurse” or whatever else floats your boat. Then, try to find a way to turn it into something that causes the two of you to end up in a cuckolding situation. This could involve playing hostages, even!

All of these are, of course, ideas. It is really up to you how you carry out your cuckolding practice!

Finding a Third Partner

Apart from talking to your partner, this could be the most challenging part of cuckolding. You’ll have to find someone who is comfortable being watched while having sex. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to find people these days. There are plenty of sex dating sites where some people are specifically looking to carry out this type of fetish. Deals and arrangements can be made: or, you could offer something else in return. Of course, the details of the arrangement are all up to you!