Not Every Asian Woman is a Green Tea Bitch

There are so many stereotypes of Asian women and one of them is “Green Tea Bitch”.

Where did “Green Tea Bitch” start?

The term was popularized by Chinese netizens when a whole bunch of female models and actresses were revealed to be paid escorts/prostitutes for the rich and powerful during a fashion expo in 2013. The slang is used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion. In order to portray herself as pure and innocent (ie: like green tea). However, in reality she is a gold-digging slut that won’t think twice before she sells her own body or steps on someone’s throat to get to a higher place (aka a bitch).

Though it seems that most Asian women have the identifying traits of a “Green Tea Bitch”. That include a demure personality, stick straight and shiny locks, and fluttering big eyes. It doesn’t make them a “Green Tea Bitch”. Some Asian women are just sweet and innocent because that’s truly their personality and how they were raised: to respect themselves and others. And let’s face it, the shiny parted hair down the middle is how we picture all Asian women. Because when you pass by them on the street, they fit that stereotypical “look” of an Asian woman.

Asian women are often portrayed as soft spoken, demure, and submissive. A Green Tea Bitch plays on that learned culture of past generations and manipulates the system and the men who believe they have control over women and the situations they have with women.

In a society where women are often repressed. How easy is it to “play the role” that most of the population believes you are: a weak and helpless female.

We don’t hold anything against the Green Tea Bitches. They have taken the weakness of men, their need for women and sexual gratification. Dominance, and have used it to their advantage.

As they say, all is fair in love and war.

And if you got played by a Green Tea Bitch. You have to ask yourself if you fell for that act hook line and sinker?