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Not Every Asian Woman is a Green Tea Bitch

There are so many stereotypes of Asian women and one of them is “Green Tea Bitch”. Where did “Green Tea Bitch” start? The term was popularized by Chinese netizens when a whole bunch of female models and actresses were revealed…

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Are Asian Girls More Multi-Orgasmic Than Other Races?

Asian Girls The culture of orgasms what exactly is it? Are different ethnocentric cultures more attuned to multi-orgasmic activity than others? In my own experience, limited as it may be, I have traversed the fleshy contours of a number of…

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What Do Asian Girls Do Better Than The Rest?

What Do Asian Girls Do Better Than The Rest? When answering this question we tested over six hundred Asian girls from all over the continent. In the north we mauled a few Mongolians in a yurt and enjoyed the slippery…