asian girls multi orgasmic

Are Asian Girls More Multi-Orgasmic Than Other Races?

Asian Girls

The culture of orgasms what exactly is it? Are different ethnocentric cultures more attuned to multi-orgasmic activity than others? In my own experience, limited as it may be, I have traversed the fleshy contours of a number of different, geographically sourced, female peaks and valleys. I have plunged into crevices both dark and olive skinned, and I have mounted pink perimeters belonging to many Caucasian entities. My explorations of the darker recesses of the human races have provided me with some sort of measuring stick when it comes to the cries of pleasure.

The Asian continent is a large one with many, many wives, mothers and daughters. The black silky hair, brown eyes and soft golden skin is common to most of them. The crying out, as if in physical pain, when experiencing orgasmic pleasure, is another shared characteristic of these devilishly attractive oriental ladies. The hidden depths of these women are extraordinary. Once penetrated, and paradise road is a boulevard to the mountain peaks and the heightened realm of heaven. The rising breath of an aroused Asian princess is spellbinding and magic abounds in their every touch. You will be cosseted in luxuriant lubrication.

Talk That Talk

Do the Himalayas have more than one peak? Is your climb to the mountain top above their exquisitely parted flesh a mere one way trip? Does orgiastic energy ripple through every pore and nipple? Are Asian girls more multi-orgasmic than other races? I do believe they are more naturally inclined in this manner. There is less resistance within them to receiving pleasure. They are possibly not so much competing with the male to dominate the activity. They are essentially yin and not wanting to be yang. They are connected to thousands of years of sexual surrender.


Tradition is everything and their culture is deeply embedded within. From the Kama Sutra to the pillow book, the art of love is not a sin, and this is a big part of the psychological difference between Asian and occidental. Christianity has been poisoning western culture with its anti-sexual attitudes for more than two thousand years. Only rampant commercialism has freed our sexual behaviour from the repressive controls of ‘supposedly’ celibate priests, here in the west. You cannot have lots of orgasms if you are generationally ashamed of your essential sexual self. The Catholic Church and all its spin off denominations have been actively controlling the sex lives of their adherents for hundreds and hundreds of years. The remnants of this linger in the DNA of our bodies like a disease.