Asian Brothels in Australia

Asian Brothels in Australia

Asian brothels in Australia

Upon researching this topic and all of the bad reps that brothels were getting, I decided to simplify this by giving you a look at prostitution laws in each of Australia’s six states and a little more of course. For many years it seems, human trafficking and child prostitution was a huge issue with brothels and Asian brothels and with sexuality peaking it is said that Australia, specifically Sydney is catching up with Amsterdam as the sex capital. Even though this list will give you an idea of legality among brothels, remember that there are always illegal brothels around and be careful should you decide to visit one. Make sure where you go is a legitimate establishment. Let’s talk about Asian Brothels in Australia.

Laws Regarding Brothels

New South Wales

(NSW)brothels are legal in NSW. Just like any other business they come up under the scrutiny of the council planning laws/regulations. Activities, such as child prostitution are still illegal, and so are other forms, be sure to check the laws carefully.


(QLD)–brothel prostitution became legal with the Prostitution Act of 1999, though there were some amendments added in 2010. The establishments MUST be licensed with the Prostitution Licensing Authority(PLA). Other prostitution activities that are still illegal are street prostitution, massage parlours as a cover for prostitution, outcalls from licensed brothels and unlicensed brothels. Be sure to check the laws beforehand.

South Australia

(SA)–brothels as well as money received from public places, obtaining someone to be a prostitute for someone else(trafficking), and receiving payment from the hiring of a prostitute are still illegal activities in South Australia. Attempts have been made to decriminalize prostitution but all were failed attempts at doing so. It seems South Australia stands by their laws and does not plan on changing them anytime soon.


(TAS)–brothels and street prostitution are still illegal in Tasmania. The Sex Industry Offences Act of 2005 is the regulator of prostitution there. Those that are self employed are legal and may operate with only one other person. There have been steps to change the act, but they have not been successful.


(VIC)–with the Prostitution Control Act of 1994 now known as the Sex Work Act, brothels became legalized in Victoria. Estate agents, motor vehicles and brothels are all regulated under Consumer Affairs Victoria. As with most states, street prostitution is still an illegal act.

West Australia

(WA)–prostitution in WA is regulated under the Prostitution Act of 2000. Although prostitution is actually legal on its own, some acts that are connected to it such as brothels, public soliciting, and pimping are still illegal.

According to the research I’ve done, there are several legal and legitimate Asian brothels located in the various states, with a variety of beautiful Asian women ready to please their clients for reasonable prices, but there are always illegal ones that pop up too. The unfortunate part, as with things here where I’m from, bad press surrounding brothels in general and prostitution make it hard for business owners of legitimate and legal facilities to thrive in their environment.

Please understand that if any of this information is wrong, I do apologize. I was working with what I could find as I am not familiar with Australian laws. Always remember, I try not to judge when penning these for you and just want you to be safe no matter what activity you decide to indulge in. Be sure to research as much as possible before going to an unfamiliar establishment.