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soaplands in japan

Soaplands in Japan

Soaplands in Japan The word Soapland is derived of two English words: soap and land. It is part of the night time adult entertainment industry, also known as the ‘Red Light District’ according to a few sources. There are many…

train sex in japan

Train Sex in Japan

‘Train Sex In Japan’ Does Not Simply Mean Sex On A Japanese Train Regular commuters know how tedious a long train ride can be and considering Japan’s reputation for packed rush hour trains? Think sardines in a tin except in…

japanese love hotel

The Love Hotel: Japan Knows What Lovers Need

Made in Japan A Japanese Love Hotel is, put simply, a type of accommodation that rent you a double room for a short period of time. Kind of the Japanese equivalent of the rent-by-the-hour dive hotels you see in movies, but…

nightlife in japan

Finding Nightlife in Japan

When you’re a stranger in a foreign land, it can be hard to find the local party spots, especially if there’s a language barrier involved. Visitors in Japan who can’t read Kanji – and let’s face it, that’s the majority…

robot sex

Robot Sex – Having Sex With Fembots

The social practices that have become stock standard in the past few decades were once upon a time unheard of. Sex with robots will apparently be the norm in the next 50 years. An expert in the psychology of sex and relationships….

pink salon japan

What you get at a Pink Salon in Japan

What is a Pink Salon A Pink Salon might sound like a cool place to get your hair done, but this is a Japanese concept, so of course it’s not that innocent. Colloquially, they’re known as blowjob bars, and that’s…