what asian girls do better

What Do Asian Girls Do Better Than The Rest?

What Do Asian Girls Do Better Than The Rest?

When answering this question we tested over six hundred Asian girls from all over the continent. In the north we mauled a few Mongolians in a yurt and enjoyed the slippery lubricant of rancid sheep fat on their golden skin. The smell takes some getting used to but these girls know how to boogie and make their man feel well satisfied. Further north we met up with Eskimo Nell but now she calls herself an Inuit Indian. Nell took the numbness out of my monkey wrench and warmed it up in her mouth with a smile that would melt the ice out of the whiskers of a polar bear.

Asian Girls

Travelling down to central Asia we met up with a bevy of Chinese girls from the provinces of Shanxi and Tianjin. The test team and I bedded down for some intense research into just what these Asian chicks did best. Boy could these girls kiss and suck like they were slurping slippery noodles out of an ugg boot. Tight passages were another feature of these local lasses from the northern regions of the People’s Republic.

From China we made our way overland into the sultry palaces of India, visiting brothels in Madras, Calcutta and Mumbai. Piercings and painted dots on foreheads, bindies, were the order of the day, as we untied saris relentlessly discovering secret gardens everywhere we looked. Patchouli and sandalwood emanated from every nook and cranny, as we bent over, thrusted up and dipped our wicks for the old country. Sweet and seriously talented in the sexual arts was our team aggregate decision.

Travelling to Asia

Moving into the golden triangle of Burma, Laos and Thailand; whoops that should have been Myanmar up first. We were looking forward to getting high on these girls from the rice growing regions of south-east Asia. Delicate soft skins and docile eyes on drop dead gorgeous Asian babes; what could be a better afternoon’s exploration? Dicks were hard and their backs were to the wall as we entered the pleasure zone with these fair maidens of the paddy fields. Like sweet rice wrapped in a banana leaf the oral connection was intense. The things that these girls could do with their tongues could teach an anteater a thing or two.

A short ferry ride took the whole team over to The Philippines and we knew we were in heaven the first time we laid our eyes on one of their dusky, bright eyed beauties, dressed in scarlet hot pants and a black boob tube. The curve of her hips and those perky tits were a thing to behold…

To Be Continued…