train sex in japan

Train Sex in Japan

‘Train Sex In Japan’ Does Not Simply Mean Sex On A Japanese Train

Regular commuters know how tedious a long train ride can be and considering Japan’s reputation for packed rush hour trains? Think sardines in a tin except in their case, it’s humans into a train carriage. Obviously it wouldn’t be worth writing about busy Japanese trains which is why this article is more concerned with train sex in Japan. It’s probably not what you’re thinking.

‘Japanese train sex’

Is not sex on a Japanese train at all because that’s illegal. In a lot of cases, it’s sex in a hotel room that’s decorated to look exactly like a train car. I suppose just because it’s outlawed doesn’t mean it’s not a common fetish. This kind of scene is all well and good for a couple who are both tickled by a railway romp, but for the group of people who like to take it just a little further, there’s Chikan image clubs. 

Full service sex is another thing that Japan doesn’t agree with, hence the myriad of legal establishments that offer everything except actual sex. For instance, one that fits this description are Chikan image clubs. These clubs are themed along popular sexual fantasies such as; an office, a doctor’s surgery, a classroom or a train carriage. They offer services including; handjobs, blowjobs and last but certainly not least – the opportunity for men to act out forceful groping fantasies with girls pretending to be train commuters. Supposedly, image clubs are a healthy way for men to express their fantasies without facing the harshening penalties for actual real-life groping.

The girls are obviously paid employees and consenting adults, usually dressed as office workers or school girls. Their role is to act as the customer’s unwilling victim, wearing their choice of uniform, acting scared and helpless while being humped, groped and penetrated with toys or fingers. Following a session, the groper takes the girl’s worn undies as a memento. Simple enough!

These establishments do not accept foreigners as customers, and there’s no telling when this kind of service will become available in Australia. When it does, you’ll read all about it right here.