Nana Enterntainment Plaza

Nana Entertainment Plaza – The Most Famous Brothel in Bangkok

If you are travelling to Thailand for a bucks night, a boys weekend or an erotic travel getaway, make sure you put Bangkok’s Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) on your list of must go places. Infamously labelled ‘the world’s largest sex complex’, Nana Plaza is a multi-storey centre of debauchery. This is the most famous brothel in Bangkok; gorgeous girls, alcohol and sex are just the beginning here.

Nana Bangkok

Photo by Mark Fischer

The Nana Plaza is Bangkok’s largest red light district and is home to many go go bars, strip clubs and short time hotels. On any given night you are sure to find the sexiest escorts in these venues waiting for their drinks to be replenished. Differing from the traditional brothel experience, an escort’s service must be negotiated, so money and charm are essential to ensure you get the experience you desire. There are also both freelance and established escorts operating, so make sure you know what kind of experience you are after.

For those not interested in a ‘full service’, the Nana Entertainment Plaza is still a crazy experience worth having. Brimming full with a vibrant energy, stunning strip dancers and ladyboy performances, you haven’t experienced Bangkok without experiencing the Nana Entertainment Plaza. And who knows, you might even decide to get a cheeky happy ending massage as a souvenir.

Photos by Wry2010 and Mark Fischer

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