Boys Weekend in Macau – Gambling in Asia’s Las Vegas

Boys Weekend in Macau

Just like no trip to America is complete without visiting Las Vegas, no Asia travel getaway can be ticked off without a boys weekend in Macau. Whether you are a single male venturing into the unknown, looking for a city for your next boys weekend or travelling with your girlfriend, Macau is a great destination full of style, adventure and excitement.

Similar to Hong Kong, Macau is a Special Administrative Region of China and its culture combines a unique mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences. Wikipedia moment aside, the first thing you really need to know about Macau is that the gambling industry is big. Real big. So big that it actually dwarves Las Vegas! The city’s landscape is peppered with breathtaking casinos with incredible facades: you don’t need to be an architecture buff to enjoy these shining edifices. Inside these many decadent coliseums you can feel like a real James Bond, with all forms of games being at your disposal. From Black Jack to Poker to Roulette, Macau is one of the best gambling holidays imaginable. You can even order a martini, shaken not stirred, as you collect your winnings and seduce the gorgeous brunette across the table, if you are so inclined.

Las Vegas from Asia

Many of the casinos also offer supreme shopping experiences, presenting the best brands, excellent customer service and distinct experiences. At the Venetian Casino for example, you can shop for top products by Gucci, Audemars Piguet and Louis Vuitton while sailing down the indoor canal system on a beautiful gondolier. Many areas in the city also offer great shopping opportunities, such as Senado Square Area, because Macau holds free port and tax haven status.

No boys weekend in Macau is complete without scaring the shit out of yourself. Which is where the Macau Tower comes in. Standing over 330 metres tall, daredevil travellers can not only climb this cloud busting pillar. They can also jump off it. Macau Tower holds is the world’s highest bungy jump and is perfect to test yourself to ensure your boys weekend is a “man holiday”.

After your adrenaline rush, Macau has the perfect evening set for you, no matter what your tastes are. Whether you prefer international fine dining, decadent spa treatment, sexy strip clubs, seductive adult entertainment or tantalising cocktails at trendy clubs, Macau has it all.

From extravagant bucks nights to business holidays to wild boy weekends, Macau is a great destination for blokes. There are many travel companies that offer holiday packages which include cheap flights, hotel accommodation and ferry tickets to Hong Kong. Book now and get your boys weekend planning underway!


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