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Boys Weekend in Bali – The World’s Best Man Holiday

There are many reasons why Bali is widely featured as one of the world’s best boys weekend destinations: beach babes, great waves, cheap beer and amazing parties are just a few. A small island in Indonesia, Bali is a stone’s throw away from Australia… depending on how good you are at throwing stones. Whether you want a spiritual getaway, a ‘spirit-full’ partying holiday or a relaxing surfing trip, a boys weekend in Bali can over you an incredible travel experience.



The great thing about Bali is that it has something for everyone. Bali holidays offer a range of places to stay, whether you want to rough it out in cheap accommodation, indulge in 5 star hotels or relax in beach side bungalows. Some top places to stay are Ubud for cultural experiences, Kuta if you want to party and Uluwatu if you are after the best surf Bali has to offer.




Boys weekends need adventure, and Bali has plenty of it. This Indonesian island has become a major travel destination and hence many companies have set up camp to make sure you can man up and push yourself to your limits. Some recommended activities include white water rafting, mountain cycling, quad biking, volcano climbing and paintball. There are also more relaxing options such as elephant riding tours, scuba diving and even underwater trips in a submarine! Bali offers a man holiday like no other.


Night Life

Bali Kuta Party

Photo by Komar /

If you are going to Bali to party, then Kuta is the place for you. Officially “Bali’s largest party district”, this area is full of bars, clubs and beach parties. Some of the clubs have show girls dancing, but few officially call themselves ‘strip clubs’. There are also escorts – or ‘night butterflies’ – around, but keep your wits about you: although prostitution is widely tolerated and practiced, it is technically a ‘crime against decency/morality’. Sanur is another destination recommended for erotic adult services.




Boys weekends in Bali need a bit of culture. Whether you want to feast on delicious Indonesian food, lose yourself in natural splendour, visit Bali’s most stunning temples or learn about local customs, the whole island offers a wide range of options. Ubud is renowned as Bali’s cultural capital, so make sure you give it a visit.


Whether you are looking for excitement, surfing, parties or babes, Bali is the perfect boys weekend destination and one of the world’s best man holiday retreats.


Kuta party photo by Komar /

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