Hiring an Escort as a Couple


Escorts are often seen as glamorized prostitutes. While a lot of them only offer their “company” as a service, some indeed will offer sex as well. It depends entirely on the escort. The typical customer of an escort is often seen as being a middle-aged man. Usually quite successful in business. The reasons for him hiring an escort are manifold: it may be for a company or it may be to have a piece of arm candy when he attends an important function. Let’s talk about hiring an escort.

Escorts: Not Just for Singles!

Although a lot of escorts will only cater to single people, there are also escorts who cater to couples as well. Sound strange? Well, it’s not really that odd: there are a lot of scenarios where a couple might prefer to add a “third” to their relationship – at least for a short time. Having a third can be done to indulge in specific fantasies (such as the man having a threesome with two women). Or, the woman of the relationship feels that she would like to explore her bisexual side (the same can be said for the man if they decide to hire a male escort).

Why Hire an Escort as a Couple?

Okay, so as a couple you would like to have a third person in your relationship to fulfill a specific function or provide company of a certain type. However, there are a lot of ways to get this for free. There are plenty of people out there who enjoy dating and having sex with couples. So, why would you go about hiring an escort instead? Doesn’t it cost a lot of money? Well, there are a few (very valid!) reasons!

  • Jealousy: A lot of people are jealous. A lot of people also can’t handle their jealousy, especially when they see their partner getting down and dirty with another person. While it is not the act itself that makes them jealous, but rather the fear, an escort means that they will only be around for the time that they are paid.
  • You can get someone really attractive: This should be obvious. If you’ve ever been on a sex dating site or had a look at online sex communities, you’ll find that there are of course a lot of attractive people there. However, there are also a lot of unattractive (and sometimes downright creepy) people there as well.

In addition to these points, escorts are generally a business transaction. Regardless of the potential feelings that could arise, this is a transaction that can be cut off at any moment. And since the escort is hanging out with the two of you because you are paying them, you won’t have the feeling that it is a “real” relationship in the traditional sense. An escort can, therefore, be a very healthy addition to your dynamic as a couple – for a short time, of course. This can do the world of good and they can bow out when they are no longer needed.