dirty talk

How to Dirty Talk

How to Dirty Talk Without Feeling Like an Idiot

No matter how strong your relationship is with your partner, your approach to dirty talk in the bedroom can still cause discomfort. I think it’s fair to say that most of us have had experience with dirty talk and felt like a complete idiot at least at one stage in our lives. It’s entirely normal as turning your partner on can sometimes be a struggle, let alone keeping them turned on during intimacy. If you’re new to this then it’s going to be quite uncomfortable and your first experience may scare you. That being said, don’t let your self-consciousness stop you from talking dirty. It’s okay to be a little awkward every now and then, but you don’t want to create a tendency with that. So for those who are; (1) not experienced and/or (2) still finding themselves on this ‘turn off’ path then keep scrolling. Here are some tips on how to really keep things flowing with your partner.

Why Dirty Talk

Is it going to transform me into a sex god/goddess? Maybe not, but dirty talk in the bedroom can do wonders for your sex life. Like everything else in life, you want to keep things interesting and dirty talk does exactly that.

Talking Dirty to a Girl:

If your girl tells you that she wants you to talk dirty to her, do you have an idea of what she wants? Something that will keep her turned on and not turned off? There’s your challenge. Before you start saying anything and everything that comes to mind, be mindful that some of those things may trigger the turn off button. So take it easy and go slow.

Think about a time when you are fantasizing about someone you really want to bang and put that in slow motion. So for starters you’d be picturing their most attractive features from bottom to top; from what they’re wearing to their movements in addition to what you would do to them. Think about what turns you on during this little day dreaming session and try applying that to your dirty talk. Do you have a sexy body? Touch yourself and work it! Or you can even ask her to imagine something steamy – that way you get a better idea of what she wants; let her guide, while you drive. Adding in dirty terms such as ‘you naughty girl’, ‘how hard do you want to be punished?’ or ‘bend over and let me fuck you’, it all depends on how your partner feels about it so establish some boundaries first with each other before you dive in.

Talking Dirty to a Guy:

Dirty talk will keep your guy thinking about you so you want it to be incredibly hot and arousing. You have a body with plenty to work with so use it while you dirty talk; touch your body parts slowly, use an appropriate tone, avoid talking too fast, use instructive words and/or touch his body. For example, ‘I want you to strip my clothes off, touch me slowly and fuck me fast’ and at the same time start touching yourself or touch him. The idea is to be seductive so that you can grab his attention and keep his eyes on you. You can even add in phrases from your/his favourite movies. Of course, none of the above would be as effective if you fail to maintain eye contact as body language is crucial here. For instance, saying ‘I want to rip those pants off and have my way with you’, but not giving him any eye contact or not facing him would not be as effective.

Remember whatever happens in the bedroom is fairly private so what you choose to say as part of dirty talk doesn’t necessarily reflect who you are as a person in society. It’s meant to be more of a game of role play with words, so you’re allowed to be different/exciting.

Practice makes perfect so try a little more dirty talking with your partner to really nail it.