taoist erotic massage

From Taoist Erotic Massage to Happy Endings

What is Taoist Massage?

We’ve all heard of the massage parlours that offer happy endings, right? The old rub ‘n’ tug is a concept often referenced in popular culture. It’s important to note that these establishments are not the same as brothels. The post rubdown hand-job is the only sexual service available (unless they choose to also offer blowjobs). It isn’t compulsory to partake. I’ve often wondered how it came to be that a wank, of all acts imaginable, would follow a massage.

Recently, I read about a New York City masseuse by the name of Adam Seymour. Who practiced Taoist Genital Massage. A native Australian, Seymour is currently in Melbourne teaching a master class on his expert member handling techniques. His workshop, titled Wank Bank: Master Class, aims to coach individuals to better handling of their partner’s manhood.  

On first impression, the Wank Bank sessions seem like a fancy hand-job course. But there’s much more to it than that. The art of genital massage is in fact not a fancy hand job, but somewhat of a follow on from Taoist Erotic Massage. After looking into the beginning of the practice itself I found that there was originally a lot more to it than just hand-to-penis stimulation.

Taoist Erotic Massage

Taoist Erotic Massage was developed by Joseph Kramer in the early 1980’s. Around the time of the HIV/AIDS crisis sweeping through San Francisco. Kramer is considered the foremost teacher of erotic massage in the world, having founded The Body Electric School in 1986. He performed the TEM technique on clients, before teaching it to homosexual men in the wake of the AIDS epidemic. Named Taoist to reference the sending of erotic energy throughout the body via touch, the aim of the act was largely spiritual and emotional closeness between partners. Sexual or physical gratification through ejaculation was not the end goal, which made it a safe way for HIV/AIDS positive partners to connect.

How it Works

A Taoist Erotic Massage involves slow breathing, relaxation and a near meditative state, like nearly every other type of massage. It’s not sex, the giver doesn’t get stimulated and the only physical contact is the touching performed by hands. Traditionally, a masseuse will touch each and every part of your body – I had a woman stick her fingers in my ears and between my toes once – meaning your fun parts are totally left out. The thought of a massage itself is relaxing enough, so considering your experience could progress from a massage to five-fingered finale is starting to make a lot of sense.

Your aches and muscle tension gets pushed and pulled all throughout your body and it has to go somewhere, doesn’t it? A final release only seems natural. Taoist Erotic Massage isn’t sexual and neither is the happy ending after one at a parlour. Despite what many people assume, these people are not necessarily prostitutes and the clientele don’t go there for sex, so intimacy and sexual chemistry is non-existent.

If you’ve ever visited a parlour and a climactic finish, let us know if it completed your experience.